IEEE ITSS Award in Intelligence and Security Informatics


The IEEE ITSS Award in Intelligence and Security Informatics may be given in recognition of sustained technical contributions to, leadership in, and/or outstanding research in the field of Intelligence and Security Informatics ,  is given annually for ITS researchers, practitioners, and research/development teams who have made significant contributions to research in ITS related fields (ITS Research Award), developed and deployed successful ITS systems or implementations (ITS Application Award), and demonstrated leadership in promoting ITS technologies (ITS Institutional Lead Award). These awards are established to recognize, promote, and publicize major research contribution, application innovations with real-world impact, and ITS institutional leadership.

Past Awardees:



Research Leadership Award - Dr. Hsinchun Chen



Research Leadership Award - Dr. Bhavani Thuraisingham



Research Leadership Award  - Dr. Arthur Becker

Technical Achievements Award - Dr. David Skillicorn


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