ITSS Call for Nominations

Submission Deadline for IEEE ITSS Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award: August 15, 2020 

Submission Deadline for the rest of the awards: August 29, 2020 

Please submit the nomination materials by email before the deadline to Chunzhao Guo, ITSS Vice President for Membership, at


I. IEEE ITS Awards


Purpose and Selection Criteria


The prestigious


are conferred annually to honor ITS researchers, practitioners, and research/development teams who have made significant contributions to research in ITS related fields (for ITS Research Award), developed and deployed successful ITS systems or implementations (for ITS Application Award), and demonstrated leadership in promoting ITS technologies (for ITS Institutional Lead Award). These awards have been established to recognize, promote, and publicize major research contributions, application innovations with real-world impact, and ITS institutional leadership.

Exemplary contributions to Intelligent Transportation Systems over are career can be recognized through the IEEE ITS Lifetime Achievement Award. To be eligible for the lifetime award, the nominee should be at least 65 years old.

IEEE ITS Young Researcher/Engineer Award is in place to recognize early career contributions and leadership in research and/or application in ITS related fields. Eligible applicants should not be older than 40 years.


Nomination Materials


Each application must consist of the following materials:

  1. A summary statement of 3-5 page providing sufficient detail for evaluation of the innovations and impact of the work.

  2. At least 3 letters of recommendation from the recognized peer researchers, customers or users of the developed application, and organizations attesting to the work’s significance and impact.



A dedicated selection committee will evaluate all qualified nominations for these IEEE ITS Awards.  Awards will be announced at the ITSC conference where the recipients will give featured presentations of their work.

II. IEEE ITSS Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award


Purpose and Selection Criteria


The IEEE ITSS Best Dissertation Award is given annually for the best dissertation in any ITS area that is innovative and relevant to practice. This award is established to encourage doctoral research that combines theory and practice, makes in-depth technical contributions, or is interdisciplinary in nature, having the potential to contribute to the ITSS and broaden the ITS topic areas from either the methodological or application perspectives.



Nomination Materials


Each application must consist of the following materials:


  1. A doctoral dissertation written by the applicant in any language, no more than 18 months prior to the submission deadline.

  2. A summary of the dissertation in English of up to 3 pages in length written by the Ph.D. candidate, highlighting the significance of the problem, the technical approach taken, application context and potential, and the scope of the dissertation.

  3. Sample published paper(s) in English based on the dissertation written primarily by the Ph.D. candidate in scientific journals such as the IEEE Transactions on ITS, the IEEE ITS Magazine, or IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles.

  4. Listing of all publications by the applicant in the related field(s).

  5. A letter of recommendation from the applicant’s dissertation advisor that assesses the significance of the research, attests to the originality of the work, and comments on the engagement of the applicant in the ITS field and the IEEE ITS Society.


Prize and Presentation


The winners will receive a cash prize and invitation to be recognized and present their work at the ITSC conference. Awardees’ work will be featured in ITSS Transactions, ITS Magazine, and ITS Newsletter, when appropriate.

Winners receive a cash prize of $2000 for first place, $1000 for second place, and $500 for third place.




A dedicated selection committee will evaluate all qualified applications for the IEEE ITS Best Ph.D. Dissertation Awards and make selections.

IEEE ITS Society EXCOM/BOG Meeting Minutes (accessible by EXCOM/BOG members)